Dead Space 2
Electronic Arts, 2011 | Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC

Audio Director + music supervision/edit/implementation, sound design

Dead Space 2 Reviews

The Godfather II
Electronic Arts, 2009 | Playstation 3, Wii

Audio Director + music supervision/edit/implementation/system design, sound design

Godfather II Reviews

Vivendi Universal, 2006 | Xbox 360, Playstation 2, PC

Audio Director + music edit/implement/system design, sound design, dialog implement

Eragon Reviews

Demon Stone
Atari, 2004 | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC

Audio Director, music editing/implementation, sound design, voice implementation

Demon Stone Reviews

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
EA Games, 2002 | Xbox, PS 2, Gamecube

Audio Director + music editing/implementation, sound design

Lord of the Rings Reviews

Blood Wake
Microsoft, 2001 | Xbox

Audio Director + music composition, sound design

Blood Wake Reviews

Pool of Radiance: The Ruins of Myth Drannor
Ubi Soft, 2001 | PC

Audio Director + music composition, sound design

Pool of Radiance Reviews

The Legend of Alon D'ar
Ubi Soft, 2000 | Playstation 2

Audio Director + music composition, sound design

Alon D'ar Reviews

Byzantine: The Betrayal
Discovery Channel Multimedia, 1997 | PC

music composition, sound design

Byzantine Reviews

Nascar 98
EA Sports, 1997 | Playstation

sound design

Nascar 98 Reviews

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger
Viacom New Media, 1996| PC, Mac

sound design, music editing, voice editing

Deep Space Nine Reviews