A small gallery of pictures from various recording adventures

Jason Graves conducting the string quartet; at Skywalker Sound.
Viola and Cello study a part in Dead Space 2's "Lacrimosa."
Oh, the mics at Skywalker...
The brass section hanging out after a Dead Space 2 session, at Skywalker Sound. Look at that tuba mute!
The orchestral setup for the Godfather II sessions, at Skywalker Sound.
Andrew with Christopher Lennertz and crew, after the Godfather II sessions.
Re-amping the Godfather II guitar through J. White's awesome vintage Fender Champ. This was LOUD!
With the crew at the (now gone!) Paramout Scoring Stage M, for the Eragon sessions.
Blowing up balloons, at Paramount Scoring Stage M. But why...?
Popped them to capture an impulse response from the room! Very cool of Paramount to let us grab that impulse.
From the Eragon sessions, at Paramount.
Bears really do love honey...
...enough to snarf it off the bars of their cage, making truly nasty sounds. At the SF Zoo.
Delicious raw chicken snack for the snow leopard.
She chomped through a bucket of it quite noisily! At SF Zoo.
With Robb Mills and Larry Kenton at Studio X in Seattle for Demon Stone orchestral sessions.
Robb perched on the bow, getting wave sounds for Blood Wake.
Robb Mills, 'Captain Ben,' and Andrew heading back to port after recording all morning on the SF Bay. It's a tough life.
...and of course, the infamous "Ming the Merciless" picture.
At Stromfront Studios circa 2001

more soon...